World atlas

World atlasworld map and educational app for geography. Contains countries and territories of the world with comprehensive economic and geopolitical data. Political maps with regional units provincescapitals and major cities included. Designed for smartphones and tablets.

World atlas

See Article History Atlas, a collection of maps or charts, usually bound together. The name derives from a custom—initiated by Gerardus Mercator in the 16th century—of using the figure of the Titan Atlasholding the globe on his shoulders, as a frontispiece for books of maps.

In addition to maps and charts, atlases often contain pictures, tabular data, facts about areas, and indexes of place-names keyed to coordinates of latitude and longitude or to a locational grid with numbers and letters along the sides of maps.

General-reference atlases emphasize place locations, the connections between them, and the relative size or significance of the places designated. Thematic, or special-subject, atlases deal primarily with a single subject, such as the agriculture, geology, climate, history, industry, languages, population, religions, resources, or other characteristics of a geographic area.

World atlas

In the following century the Dutch reigned supreme in the production of high-quality atlases, as evidenced by the works of Mercator. French atlases in the 18th century were less ornate but were equal in accuracy and richness of content to the maps of the Dutch and Italians.

German atlases of the same period were burdened with enormous detail, numerous insets, pictures, and notes. Learn More in these related Britannica articles:Why do we need the IAPB Vision Atlas?

Today, the world is populated by hundreds of millions of people who are unnecessarily blind or visually impaired from causes that are treatable or preventable.

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World Sites Atlas features profiles, maps, flags, and more for all the countries of the the country of your choice from the interactive map below or the drop-down list beneath it. year narrated map animation. Pop-up history for countries, science, culture.

Teacher author. 10 languages. Desktop, tablet, smartphone. Free. No ads. Atlapedia® Online contains full color physical maps, political maps as well as key facts and statistics on countries of the world. The List. Complete lists of continents, countries, lakes, oceans, mountains etc World Population Clocks.

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