Thesis on banking and finance in nigeria

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Thesis on banking and finance in nigeria

They are left with considerable freedom to actual will for the interest of the local community. Form the administrative point of view, the government as an agent of development is well placed to help the rural areas to develop.

These can be done by investing in social and economic infrastructure such as; roads, hospitals, bridges, schools, electricity and telecommunication.

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The other essential duties inherited by native authorities include; water supplies, markets and libraries. We generally regard the convenience list as including those extra amenities which makes life better in the communities other than the stated ones.

These include; creation of bus and lorry parks, the regulation of land cards on the streets, community recreation centers, parks and open spaces, grazing areas and fuel plantations, the naming of streets and the numbering of houses These are recognized automatically as the responsibility of the local government.

They also help in service of parks control and water supply, electricity and gas, the provision of road of transport and any other trading undertaking that the state government authorizes. The local government also take responsibility for health orientation and drug supplies, midwifery services arrangement of health visit and home nursing to provide facilities for immunization and vaccination.

The local government is expected to become more active in facilitation social and economic development at the grassroots level. The local government is a potential social and economic booster if well equipped.

Although some factors like inadequate financelack of technical manpower, denial of autonomy militate against the efficient administration at the local level.

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The local government despite these problems struggles to maintain a high standard in socio-economic development The researchers want to identify those areas roles that the local government has excelled in terms of social and economic development using udi local government of enugu state as a case study 1.

This research is also indirectly aimed at identifying different factors militating against the effectiveness of local government administration and solutions to those problems identified. The overall thrust of recommendation is how to ensure faithful administration of local government 1.

Do local governments have any role to play in economic and social development in rural areas? What are the examples of such roles?

Core Areas of Research

What are the effects of staff moral in the attainment of development objectives in local governments? Are there any constraints that militate against the success of development process of local governments.

However a scientific study of this kind become necessary especially at this time when the past and present civilian administration are particularly concerned abith rural development.

Finally, this study will generally aid to the growing number of literatures on local government affairs more particularly on the roles of local government administration in economic and social development of rural areas in Nigeria and pragmatic solutions offered towards making them more efficient and responsive to the needs of rural dweller and also to policy makes and researchers alike 1.

This refers to those things that the researcher intends to achieves at the end of the research.

Thesis on banking and finance in nigeria

This consists of essential integrated series of developmental projects that spans over a length of time or period.Department of Banking and Finance, University of Uyo, AkwaIbom State, Nigeria Correspondence to: Acha Ikechukwu A., Department of Banking and Finance, University of Uyo, AkwaIbom State, Nigeria.

Since the advent of microfinance banking in Bangladesh in the mid ’s, several countries have. Triepels Slagwerk - Geleen Limburg,Uw Drumspecialist, Drumstel kopen, boomwhacker lessen.

Thesis on banking and finance in nigeria

the role of local government administration in economic and social development of rural area in nigeria. (a case study of udi local government area in enugu state).

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Essay: Banking in Nigeria DEFINITION OF ELECTRONIC BANKING The term electronic banking means all day access to cash through an Automated teller machine or direct deposit of pay checks into checking or savings account.

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Fast track affordable degree programs allow professional adults to finish college earn a degree and advance their careers. Nigeria Human Poverty Index (HPI) of ranks 54 out of 77 developing countries for which the index is available.

The (HPI) measures the extent of deprivation, the portions of people who are left out of progress.

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