Rules writing alibata baybayin

It was the Spanish Empire and the lost alphabet was a script that is known today as the baybayin. Contrary to the common misconception, when the Spaniards arrived in the islands they found more than just a loose collection of backward and belligerent tribes.

Rules writing alibata baybayin

The opinions expressed in this article are solely his. This search for national identity, commencing in the Propaganda Movement of the Ilustrados and reaching the peak in the Philippine Revolution of the Katipuneros, remains insatiable. Even so, the colonial impact has been ingrained that our crisis in identity persists in the present.

We have been introduced to a national animal carabaofruit mangoleaf anahaw and fish bangus. Ina lawmaker even filed House Bill to seek official recognition for adobo as the national food, bakya as the national slippers, bahay kubo as the national house and the jeepney as the national vehicle.

Baybayin translations will also be required in the names of newspaper and magazine publishers. A Tagalog-centric bill This move, however, is not without controversy.

Using the term might be too Tagalog-centric and does not reflect the diversity of scripts in the country. Other Philippine indigenous communities used different terms to refer to their scripts, such as Surat for Mangyan and Buhid in Mindoro, Surat for the script of Palawan languages Inaborlan, TagbanwaKulitan for the Kapampangan script, and Kurditan for the Ilocano script, among others.

It dismisses the fact that the existing indigenous scripts have their own linguistic nuances and particularities. The idea of nationalizing Baybayin, which is heavily based on Tagalog, is reminiscent of the past and ongoing struggles of other ethnolinguistic communities for recognition.

It is viewed that rather than advance ongoing efforts on the revival and promotion of indigenous scripts, the current version of the bill might be a hindrance.

Lacking in function Another issue is the functional vitality of Baybayin. At present, Tagalog Baybayin has no widespread contemporary use. Unlike East Asian languages such as Korean, Japanese, and Chinese, Baybayin is no longer utilized by the community of speakers to which it is associated.

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It merely serves as an ornamental font type used by various government and non-government organizations or as logos for commercial enterprises. The bill does not specify how the Baybayin should be integrated in the elementary and secondary curricula.

Under the MTBMLE program, the inclusion of Philippine indigenous scripts in the elementary and secondary curricula is a welcome initiative. But molding our national identity is a complex and ongoing struggle.

It is important that while these kinds of legislative actions might have the initial good intentions directed at nation building, great care must be placed into crafting laws which could potentially impact our society.

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The bill, rather than superficially promote Baybayin for aesthetic purposes, should focus more on the revitalization of the increasingly endangered writing traditions of the indigenous peoples. Indigenous scripts, first and foremost, must serve the communities that use and promote them.Many experts and educators pointed out that Baybayin, often mislabeled as “alibata,” refers to the type of the writing system that was used in Tagalog areas.

the distinction between the two terms; Baybayin vs Alibata.

When writing and reading Alibata, the syllables are taken as is. So for the word bata, which means child, you need to draw the symbol for “ba,” followed by the symbol for “ta.” Note that there is a separate symbol that represents the sound “a,” but there is no need to include this when spelling out bata, otherwise the written word. A Modernized Alibata font. Created using Fontstruct, since This typeface has modern, geometric design, while following the baybayin writing system more fluently and with ease, compared to the previous fon Read More This typeface has modern, geometric design, while following the baybayin writing system more fluently and with ease, compared to the previous.

However, we still see & hear a lot of new Filipino script enthusiasts using the misnomer "Alibata"; particularly from folks in the Philippines where Alibata is mentioned briefly in Filipino history & language classes. Baybayin. 15, likes · talking about this. Baybayin (incorrectly known as Alibata) is a pre-Filipino writing system from the islands known as the.

An Introduction to Baybayin [Christian Cabuay] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers.

Baybayin Script

Baybayin (incorrectly known as Alibata) is a pre-Filipino writing system from the Reviews: 6. Baybayin script to be included in labels of consumer products Writer: Jazmin S. Camero, MRS-PRIB 15 April AM.

Food manufacturers will soon be required to translate the content of the labels of its consumer products to Baybayin or Alibata, an ancient syllabary script of the early Filipinos.

rules writing alibata baybayin

May 03,  · Baybayin is a pre-Filipino writing system in the Philippines. Baybayin derives from the word “baybay”, which literally means “spell”. It was known as Alibata coined in ’s by Paul Versoza. It was named after the first three characters of the Arabic alphabet, Alif, Ba and Ta.

According to Kristian Kabuay, who promotes Baybayin, it.

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