Realism to build a fire by

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Realism to build a fire by

Realism is marked by the close to life writing. In contrast to Romanticism, which centered on some extraordinary situation and extraordinary people, Realism described usual people and ordinary life situations. All realistic stories describe usual life situations.

There are four features, peculiar to realism. By the end of nineteenth century realism became the main style of literature. There are several reasons, which distinguished the growth of popularity of realism. The authors reflected the spirit of the epoch.

Why is to build a fire naturalistic and realistic

The development of science, art and language had a big impact on the development of realism. The authors used naturalism and regionalism as supportive means of naturalism. Believable plot is one of the main characteristics of realism. The authors, who used in the literary genre created situation, which reproduced normal life of people.

To Build a Fire by Jack London is a typical realistic story. It describes a usual hiker, who travels alone in the cold Arctic. The man behaves in the ordinary way. His feelings and reactions represent reactions and thoughts of usual people.

He does not follow the advises of other people, who tell him not to go alone; he is afraid of death, like all usual people; and he dies like a normal person. The story is set in typical place. The readers understand that this could be any place.

The protagonist of the story is a usual man and the readers are able to trace usual reactions in these situations.

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The preciousness of realism is that it helps the readers to feel on the place of the protagonist. Naturalism makes an accent on natural forces.

It shows different situations, when people have to fight with nature or society. Naturalism depicts extreme realism, when all natural phenomena and the way they affect human lives are depicted in great detail. The interaction between man the environment makes the core of naturalism.

During the entire story the protagonist has to deal with the environment, which finally becomes a result of his death. The nature becomes one of the characters of the story. The conflict between man and nature is the basic conflict of the story. The main character is trapped by the natural forces.

He can not control them and they finally lead to his destruction.

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Regionalism is used in order to underline the specific place where the story is set. To Build a Fire, which is set on Arctic gives the depiction of this region. The region is described with great detail and the readers see the place through the eyes of the protagonist.Stories such as "to Build a Fire", "The Bride Comes to Yellow Sky”, convey themes of naturalism and universal determinism in order to show the protagonist’s lack of free will in his constant battle with nature, often foreshadowing catastrophe and displaying natural instinct found within each character.

In theory of Naturalism, nature holds certain precepts that even our own will and integrity cannot bend or break. Feb 15,  · Jack London's "To Build a Fire" is based on his own experience through the Yukon.

This story exhibits both Realism and Naturalism.

Realism to build a fire by

From just the title alone, one can make the assumption that Naturalism is going to be involved. Get the latest scoop on celebrity gossip, rumours, headlines, news and more. Video highlights and photo galleries of entertainment in Toronto and Hollywood.

Realism: Compare and Contrast Amit Momaya. In each of the two short stories, "To Build a Fire," by Jack London, and "A Mystery of Heroism," by Stephen Crane, the author portrays life's realism through the thoughts, actions, and descriptions of a central character.

"To Build a Fire" is a short story that embodies the idea of naturalism and how, if one is not careful, nature will gain the upper hand and they will perish. When the narrator introduced the main character of the story, the man, he made it clear that the man was in a perilous situation involving the elements.

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