Powerpoint life stages

Middle adulthood 40 to 65 years 2. At this stage, individuals are confident in their decision-making skills. Formal education may be continued. Middle adulthood 40 to 65 years 3.

Powerpoint life stages

Putting another person's needs before your own.

Powerpoint life stages

The ultimate goal at this stage is to achieve interdependence, which occurs when you are able to fully enter into a relationship with another person. Interdependence also requires that you share goals and that you are able to sometimes place the needs of another above your own. But before you can achieve interdependence, you must first have a high degree of independence.

The relationship skills you learn in coupling serve as a foundation for other relationships, such as parent-child, teacher-student, or physician-patient. Within a couple, you learn: Common spiritual and emotional development goals.

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How to form boundaries in relationships. When to place the needs or importance of the other person above your own. Most research shows that early on, a happy marriage is full of passion and sexual intimacy, which can become less important in later successful marriage.

A satisfying marriage at this stage includes a high amount of considerate or kind acts such as doing something nice for the other person without being asked and praise. The life skills you learn in this stage are important in developing true interdependence and the ability to have a cooperative and healthy relationship.

Some of the challenges of this stage include: Transitioning into the new family system. Including your spouse or partner in your relationships with friends and family members. Being committed to making your marriage work. Putting the needs of another ahead of your own. You and your partner will have less stress if the transition into a new family system is smooth.

Less stress often means better health.

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Your specific goals for this stage of the family life cycle are: Forming a new family with your partner. Realigning your relationships with your family of origin and your friends to now include your spouse.

Babies Through Adolescents Making the decision to have a baby At some point in your relationship, you and your partner will decide if you want to have a baby. Some couples know going into a relationship that they do not want children. Parenting is one of the most challenging phases of the family life cycle.

The decision to have children is one that affects your individual development, the identity of your family, and your relationship.

Children are so time-consuming that skills not learned in previous stages will be difficult to pick up at this stage. Your ability to communicate well, maintain your relationships, and solve problems is often tested during this stage.

Introducing a child into your family results in a major change in roles for you and your partner. Each parent has three distinct and demanding roles:Life cycles reviewWithout them life would not exist Life cycles can be short or longButterflies life cycle is shortHumans life cycle is long Topic-based listing of CDC Features.

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