Population projections by county

Print this article Indiana Population Projections, to Over the next 35 years, the number of Hoosiers age 65 and older will increase by 90 percent. That means that inone in five Hoosiers will be of traditional retirement age. Meanwhile, the number of people in the 25—54 age group—a key labor force demographic—will decline. These are just a few of the insights from the recently released state and county population projections by the Indiana Business Research Center.

Population projections by county

The TDC annual estimates aid state and local governments, policymakers, and other stakeholders to gauge the growth and demographic composition of the state, counties, and places.

Metropolitan Immigration in Texas Immigration is an important source of growth in the urban areas of Texas. This is especially true in metropolitan areas.

Components of Change Recent population growth in Texas has been robust due to a combination of natural increase and net migration. However, what is true at the state level is not always true at the local level.

Differences in the components of population change selectively favor urban growth over rural growth. At present growth rates, the Texas urban population will double in 40 years. In addition to this external migration, over a million Texans move from one county to another within the state.

Population projections by county

Together, these migration streams produce a substantial population redistribution within Texas every year. This brief examines how these external and internal migration streams are affecting different areas within the state.

Migration has added around a quarter million new Texans a year, and this has raised concerns about whether the state can accommodate this kind of growth.

However, with one million people moving between Texas counties, far more migration begins and ends within the state. Introduction When it comes to demographic shifts, Texas often leads the pack.

However, with population aging trends, Texas seems to be on a unique path. This brief is the first in our Aging in Texas series.Population Projections for individual counties are available by clicking on the map below or by selecting a county from the drop down menu.

Texas Population, (Projections) Note: Anglo, Black, Hispanic and Other populations are defined here using the current Single Multi-Race Category (SMRC) race/ethnicity definitions. The figures in the table are based on Texas State Data Center projections created in . The U.S. Census Bureau presents annual projections for the growth of the U.S.

population up to the year By , it is estimated that the American population will surpass million citizens. Population Projections in Colorado - Actual and predicted population data by gender and age from the Department of Local Affairs (DOLA), from to Population Projections. Oklahoma state and county population projections through Historical Census Data.

Population Projections

Decennial Census Population by Place by County. Decennial Census Population by State. Oklahoma Incorporated Place Population. Employers;. The Idaho Department of Labor creates population projections using detailed demographic data which take into account factors like birth rates, death rates and migration in and out of the state.

The Census Bureau maintains multiple programs for estimating the population of .

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