My most frightening experience

Post Traumatic Stress Disorder in Adult Survivors of Child Abuse August 25, Trauma specialists believe that "what is most tragic about child abuse and neglect is the exploitation of the child's attachment to the parent.

My most frightening experience

For the past several months I have been receiving a lot of calls and emails from family members about their opiate addicted loved one. Opiates ranges from heroin, Oxycontin, methadone, vicodin and so on.

These inquiries have lead to many questions about another drug that is supposed to help people get off these powerful opiate drugs. The name of that drug is Suboxone. And it too is an opiate based drug. Anyone who has questions about this please read the article below—Suboxone: Scanian, MD One addiction may be traded for another as the FDA-approved opiate addiction treatment Suboxone is becoming one of the most prescribed medications in the country 41 overall in sales in according to drugs.

I am board-certified in psychiatry by the American Academy of Psychiatry and Neurology and board-certified in addiction medicine by the American Board of Addiction Medicine.

I once was addicted to opiates during my medical residency in anesthesiology and was detoxed with the help of Suboxone.

My most frightening experience

Now I successfully detox my patients from opiates e. I have found that the optimal time to have someone on Suboxone is between 20 and 25 days, tapering down on the medication every few days. This makes the physical symptoms of detox very manageable, without causing the patient to become cross-addicted to Suboxone.

I have found that Suboxone use for a longer period than this begins to cause a strong dependence on the medication. A detailed program is then created at the P.

Suboxone detox makes the physical aspect of the disease manageable, but does not help with the emotional and spiritual consequences of addiction. Often patients are concerned about coming off Suboxone, but I educate them about how Suboxone is a tool to get them clean but not a suitable maintenance drug if a patient wants to get into recovery.

Suboxone is a powerful opiate-an anesthetic to emotional pain. It immediately alleviates anxiety and depression, and makes a person feel more emotionally stable. Patients often say they feel great on Suboxone and since they are not getting high they want to continue on it. You need to start experiencing emotions to understand what you were trying to self-medicate in the first place.

When used long-term, though, it is the hardest medication I have ever dealt with in terms of detoxing a patient from it.

Suboxone does not work like natural opiates; it is created in a lab and interacts with the receptors in the brain unlike any other opiate.

I speculate, based on treating hundreds of patients who have been on Suboxone maintenance, that when Suboxone is given long-term it causes abnormal adaptations to opiate receptors and other brain receptors.

In my experience, long-term use can cause emotional deregulation, loss of libido, hair loss, and an abnormality in how the body regulates its response to stress.

Suboxone is a mixture of buprenorphine and naloxone. Buprenorphine is a powerful opiate, and naloxone is an opiate blocker used to resuscitate people in the ER from an opiate overdose.

The combination of there not being enough naloxone in Suboxone and the fact that Suboxone binds to the opiate receptor so strongly means that there is no built-in deterrent to keep a patient from abusing Suboxone. Dozens of my patients have discussed using Suboxone intravenously, and there are hundreds of reports about this on the Internet.

The misuse of Suboxone and the lack of attention to the problem are causing physicians untrained in addiction medicine to feed into overprescribing.

Many do not understand the long-term ramifications of Suboxone addiction, and it also is a very lucrative business for the prescribing physician.

Most places prescribing Suboxone maintenance do not offer any addiction treatment because the doctor is not trained in addiction medicine and because it is not time- or cost-effective to do so. Furthermore, the lucrative nature of Suboxone on a maintenance basis creates a disincentive to tapering the drug and its income-generating potential.

The success rate for detox from Suboxone is much lower than that for detox from other opiates because patients tend to give up hope during the lengthy withdrawal process. Dearth of research Most Suboxone studies follow post-detox patients for only a month and are often funded by the drug company that manufactures Suboxone.

There are no long-term studies of Suboxone maintenance.

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I learned myself about the potential disadvantages of Suboxone maintenance from meeting people in my practice who have been on it for years.Over the weekend I experienced one of the worst things since becoming a mother. It was a moment where once the shock set in as to what might actually happen a thousand memories, regrets things that I wish I had done differently that day flashed through my mind.

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