Learning curve a case

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Learning curve a case

September 13,Tel Aviv University Credit: Tel Aviv University A new Tel Aviv University study finds that brief memory reactivations can replace repeated extensive practice and training—commonly known as "practice makes perfect"—as a basis of procedural learning. In procedural learning, individuals repeat a complex activity over and over again until all relevant neural systems work together to automatically produce the activity.

It is essential for the development of any motor skill or cognitive activity. The researchers hypothesized that brief periods of memory reactivation would be sufficient to improve basic visual perception and yield a full normal learning curve, supporting a new paradigm of human learning dynamics.

They based their hypothesis on knowledge accumulated from studies in animal models.

Learning curve a case

For the study, 70 participants performed a visual discrimination computer-based task, in which visual stimuli flashed on a screen for several milliseconds. Afterwards, participants were required to learn to discriminate between features within a visual stimulus for example to report whether the orientation of lines was vertical or horizontal.

Such discrimination performance constitutes a common measure of human visual perception.

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The results revealed that subjects who underwent exposure of several seconds to a learned task later demonstrated the completion of an entire learning curve. On a separate day, the participants' performance rate was measured and compared to that of control subjects who had undergone a standard training protocol.

Accordingly, brief 'ignitions' of the memory are sufficient to activate and improve the memory network encoded in our brains. This efficiently yields a full typical learning curve and challenges the 'practice-makes-perfect' basis of procedural learning.Introduction to SQL- A few sample queries - A Case Study - Coming up with a Schema for Tables -Taking a look at how the schema for a database table is defined, how different fields require to be defined.

Starting with a simple "case study" on which the following SQL tutorials will be based.

Learning curve a case

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