Henri bergson essay laughter 1980

For Bergson, life is ever in flux through time and space, and any divergence from this principle of flux, any attempt to fix or concretize life, is removed from life. Any time a living thing takes on attributes of death or mechanization or rigid automatism, it ceases to be wholly alive and inspires social laughter. Laughter, by ridiculing social outsiders, effects in those laughed at a desire to purge themselves of unsocial traits.

Henri bergson essay laughter 1980

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Henri bergson essay laughter 1980

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Isuggest that if learning is difficult to all people. Use this if you want.Bergson, Henri Louis (metin2sell.com, France, 18 October ; metin2sell.com, 4 January ) philosophy..

Henri bergson essay laughter 1980

Henri Bergson was the son of a Polish musician and composer, Michael Bergson, and of an English mother (née Kate Lewison). The family settled in Paris, where Henri attended the Lycée Condorcet and the Ecole Normale Supérieure. "Laughter makes us human" is the theme of these two classic works, one by the English novelist George Meredith, the other by the celebrated French philosopher Henri Bergson.

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Laughter, Henri Bergson’s profound essay on the nature and source of laughter, grows out of his concern with the nineteenth century mechanization of life. For Bergson, life is ever in flux.

Henri-Louis Bergson (–) was a French philosopher. Essai sur les données immédiates de la conscience, Laughter: An Essay on the Meaning of the Comic, trans. Cloudesley Brereton and Fred Rothwell, New York: Henri Bergson, trans. Francisco Gonzalez Aramburu, Xalapa: Univ.

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Synopsis "Laughter makes us human" is the theme of these two classic works, one by the English novelist George Meredith, the other by the celebrated French philosopher Henri Bergson.

Henri bergson essay laughter