Harlows monkey

In cultures where babies receive early training in sitting up, standing, and walking, they develop these skills earlier. Conversely, in other cultures, mothers carry babies most of the time, and babies develop these skills later.

Harlows monkey

These photos of rhesus monkeys, obtained by PETA, are part of research examining the impact of early childhood experiences on mental health "The one thing that we have learned from these experiments from the NIH is that monkeys are like us in ways that matter," Justin Goodman, director of PETA's laboratory investigations department, told CBS News.

When they're deprived of that they are devastated emotionally and physically. Suomi at the National Institute of Child Health and Development NICHDdisputed the accusation of abuse, insisting that the studies Harlows monkey conducted with the highest ethical standards at specialized centers that employ professional staff and highly skilled caretakers to ensure humane care of these animals, and are in strict accordance with animal welfare regulations and accreditations.

Goodman said PETA believes the experiments are not only cruel, they're also unnecessary because similar issues have already been studied in human populations or could be more effectively studied in other ways. Additionally, PETA says findings about mental health and mental illness in monkeys are not necessarily relevant to human brains, and none of the research being conducted has resulted in better or Harlows monkey treatments for human mental illnesses.

Goodman said he believes these studies are "completely unjustifiable and scientifically they are absolutely fraudulent.

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These findings assist researchers in identifying humans most likely to suffer negative effects in at-risk situations and develop behavioral and drug therapies to improve negative outcomes early in development.

Photos obtained by PETA were taken between and In the s and 60s, the late Dr.

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Harry Harlow, then a professor of psychology at the University of Wisconsin, pioneered monkey research that explored theories of attachment in early childhood. The methodologies used in his lab, which included forced mating of mentally disturbed monkeys and isolating baby monkeys in dark chambers for as long as a year, were partially responsible for inciting the animal cruelty debate.

Perhaps ironically, the impetus for much of Harlow's research was to better understand the nature of love.

Harlows monkey

PETA believes Suomi -- a former student of Harlow's -- and other researchers have continued this legacy of animal exploitation using study models similar to those used in Harlow's lab.

Additionally, NIH scientists are required to justify why it would be necessary for their research to utilize an animal study model.

Harlows monkey

He said evaluations of the labs by these agencies have not indicated animal abuse and that the scientists take exceptional care of the animals. The monkey is noticeably in distress and panicked.

But Stratakis said the cages are meant to protect the safety of the monkey since a panicked animal allowed to run free is likely to injure itself in these circumstances.

44 Thieves Study (Bowlby, 1944)

Stratakis added the methodologies depicted in videos are not currently used by the researchers. He said most of of the photos and videos in question are five years old; a spokesperson for the NIH said a majority of video footage obtained by PETA is from A number of well received and important papers have come out of Suomi's lab, said Stratakis.

One benchmark study found that babies learn better when they see faces, and that an infant's efforts to mimic parents is a critical milestone in development. Another study, published in the journal Psychoneuroendocrinology in April, looked at how population density influences cortisol levels in the body.

It found that when groups of monkeys were placed in smaller spaces, their physiological stress response increased, evidenced by higher cortisol levels found in their hair.Attachment theory in psychology originates with the seminal work of John Bowlby (). In the ’s John Bowlby worked as a psychiatrist in a Child Guidance Clinic in London, where he treated many emotionally disturbed children.

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Harlow's work demonstrates the importance of caregiving and companionship in social and cognitive development. His work influenced key changes in how orphanages, adoption agencies, social services groups, and child care providers approached the care of children.

Official site, includes news, biography, galleries, CDs, DVDs, an interview and tour dates. What happens when you make a baby monkey choose between food and comfort?

The Harlows answered this question in a series of primate experiments. Mar 10,  · VIRGINIA KATHERINE MCMATH was born on July 16, in Independence, Missouri. Her mother, Lela Owens McMath had recently separated from Virginia's father, Eddins McMath, and brought Virginia up with the help of her parents, Walter and Saphrona Owens of Kansas City.

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