An analysis of the fully monty and billy elliot

I heard that it should be very good or even excellent film and another reason for watching it was that I have seen several Working Title films before About a Boy, Notting Hill, Love Actually, Four Weddings and a Funeral and I found all of them much more sincere and emotional than average Hollywood products. Also these British films have something to offer that you rarely can find in Hollywood movies:

An analysis of the fully monty and billy elliot

Hire Writer The stereotype also includes that the working class northern man is sexist for example believing that the role of a women is in the house doing the typical household chores- which we see reference to this in The Full Monty. No stereotype is false without truth behind it, we still see aspects of the stereotype in the film but we also see them overcoming these stereotypes and in a way, becoming modernised and less traditional.

The first time we see the picket line, the miners are shown in a de-humanised way. We also see close ups of some of the men, de-picking expressions of their faces, the hatred and the anger they are feeling, giving the viewer a closer, more personal look at what emotions are going through these men at the time.

Jackie is the father and in charge of the family, he has a lot of pride and has his own prejudice of, that it is a mans job to earn the money. The miners strike would have effected everyone, in particular the men, they were the ones that went out to work in the mines and once on strike no money would be coming in, we see this in Billy Elliot- the family are on strike and therefore have very little money to buy food.

This brings out a lot of anger and frustration in both Jackie and Tony. I would like to explore the way, as a young boy or a child in this type of society, he still differs from his family, yet keeping some traits that he accumulated from his up bringing.

Billy is a caring boy, the way he is the only one that looks after his grandmother, he makes her food and takes care of her. He is understanding towards her being senile. He is not afraid to show his emotions and is very caring for a young boy, especially compared to his brother and father.


He has prejudices on other people, although not as much as his father and brother have. At the beginning of the film he is determined that boxing is for boys and ballet is for girls, once he crosses over to like ballet.

Billy has more self-control in himself than his father and how you would typical say a working class northern man has. His life is split in two, with his ballet life and his home life. A good example of how we see this is the way that every time he is dancing or happy his life switches back by a sudden noise.

We see this on numerous occasions during the film. The scene then cuts to him in an outdoor loo, the director gives the sense that he is caged in, using metaphor, as this is exactly what he is.

As the shouting gets more and more between Tony and dance teacher, Billy erupts and breaks the walls of the loo, bursting out dancing. The very first private lesson with his teacher is a key scene in the film language of the film.

We first see a long shot of the dance teacher by the window, the director has shown how lighting techniques and camera angles can give different atmospheres. In this scene all this contributes to a sense of nervousness and anticipation, a contrast to the noise and excitement of the boxing during the morning in the previous scene, this is a lot more mysterious and secretive.

An analysis of the fully monty and billy elliot

Even though Billy is never typically like the common stereotype of the working class northern man, he still has traits, which of course he would have considering his background. He still swears and gets aggressive at time, is determined in his dancing.

Nethertheless we still see a change in him, he still had to overcome his prejudices in believe ballet was for girls, being quite sexist.


By the end of the film, he is not afraid to show his emotions, he understands what Michael is are references to his sexuality during the film. Like when we see him punch the boy after his audition, we really see the difference between people in London- upper class families to those in the North in working class families.

Billy is the one character though out the film, that differs from every one else. He changes and becomes even more independent, not afraid to ask and to show what he is.

Grown from a boy to a man. He is what you would call the typical working class northern man. When see him shouting at Billy on several occasions — at the start of the film, when Billy is playing the piano and Jackie shouts at him, and during the middle of the film we see the incident where he hits Tony.

We see this side from very early on but only does it change further on in the film when he realises Billy is serious on ballet. When Tony realises what his father his doing he chases after him, Jackie breaks down. The director challenges his stereotype the most, we all know he is the character that most typically resembles the working class northern man.

To show how he differs from it, the director as made him change.

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He is only human, after all! We can see how Tony is excited and enjoying the chase, running through houses and washing. This is probably the only scene that we see Tony acting slightly younger than he is through out the film, this chase is like a game to Tony- like a small child.Two of Britain's top film writers, Billy Elliot's Lee Hall and The Full Monty's Simon Beaufoy, are writing a script about cricketer Harold Larwood.

In words or less, please discuss why the male dancer is seen as a "problem" in the films Billy Elliot and The Full Monty.

Provide clear examples from the films and connect your answer with ideas or concepts discussed in the lectures, the forum discussion and in the assigned r.

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