A research on the global spy system echelon

SNICK [42] History and context[ edit ] The ability to intercept communications depends on the medium used, be it radio, satellite, microwavecellular or fiber-optic. Inplans for the establishment of the ECHELON network took off after dozens of countries agreed to establish the International Telecommunications Satellite Organisation Intelsatwhich would own and operate a global constellation of communications satellites. The station intercepted satellite communications over the Atlantic and Indian Oceans. Soon afterwards, the U.

A research on the global spy system echelon

This story is also published simultaneously today by The Intercept. In it, he tells the same fascinating story. Since this piece was published the Intercept have been in touch to say that it is "deceptive" of the Register to suggest that this is a "joint publication".

That February night inthe air was damp and cool; the buzz of traffic muted in this leafy north London suburb, in the shadow of the iconic Alexandra Palace.

A fellow journalist and I had just spent three hours inside, drinking Chianti and talking about secret surveillance with our source, and now we stood on the doorstep discussing how to get back to the south coast town where I lived.

Events were about to take me on a different journey. Behind me, sharp footfalls broke the stillness.

A research on the global spy system echelon

A squad was running, hard, toward the porch of the house we had left. Suited men surrounded us. A burly middle-aged cop held up his police ID.

These were Special Branch, the then-elite security division of the British police. For a split second, I thought this was a hustle. I knew that a parliamentary commission had released a report five years earlier that concluded that the secrecy law, first enacted a century ago, should be changed.

I pulled out my journalist identification card, ready to ask them to respect the press. But they already knew that my companion that evening, Time Out reporter Crispin Aubrey, and I were journalists.

Aubrey and I were arrested on suspicion of possessing unauthorized information. But after being forced into cars, we were driven in the wrong direction, towards the center of London. They stopped and asked a taxi to lead them there.


Aubrey had recorded our interview. During three hours of tapes that the cops took from Aubrey, Berry had revealed spying on Western allies. Meanwhile, police stripped my home of every file, every piece of paper I had, and books. We hoped it would end quickly. And why do I keep going?

The charges against Aubrey, Berry and Campbell in the "ABC" trial click to enlarge A decade later, in a parliamentary debate, Foreign Secretary David Owen revealed that he was initially against our being prosecuted, but was convinced to go along after being promised that we journalists could be jailed in secret: Everybody came in and persuaded me that it would be terrible not to prosecute But one of my reasons for doing so was that I was given an absolute promise that the case would be heard in camera [a secret hearing].

In the face of this security onslaught, the politicians collapsed and agreed we should all be charged with espionage — although there was no suggestion that we wanted to do anything other than write articles. But my lawyer saw it differently himself.

But the security services want Campbell in prison for a very long time.The name of the system in question is ECHELON, and it is one of the most secretive spy systems in existence.

ECHELON is actually a vast network of electronic spy stations located around the world and maintained by five countries: the US, England, Canada, Australia, and New Zealand. ECHELON was indeed "a system targeting communications satellites" beginning in , secret summaries of NSA history reveal, according to a newsletter published by the NSA’s Yakima Research Station.

Global spy system ECHELON confirmed at last – by leaked Snowden files Origins of automated surveillance By Duncan Campbell 3 Aug at Aug 03,  · Uncovering ECHELON: The Top-Secret NSA/GCHQ Program That Has Been Watching You Your Entire Life “the first-ever automated global mass surveillance system.

60 Minutes published a report. After 27 years, the truth about the ECHELON surveillance system is out. NSA documents, published in the Intercept, reveal that the ECHELON system was setup "at the height of the Cold War" to spy on the West's communication satellite network, Intelsat. By the end of the 20th century, the system referred to as "ECHELON" had evolved beyond its military and diplomatic origins, to also become " a global system for the interception of private and commercial communications" (mass .

ECHELON: America's Secret Global Surveillance Network