A discussion on global warming being the future number one killer of humans

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A discussion on global warming being the future number one killer of humans

Record-breaking temperatures, humidity, and sea level rise, along with many other indicators, show that the Earth is warming fast, and that all the heat-trapping emissions we release into the atmosphere from burning fossil fuels is changing our climate. The time to act is now.

But, many powerful industry interests have hindered action and have, largely through surrogatesspread dangerous myths about climate change. One of the preferred tactics these groups use to sow confusion is to promote studies that either ignore or misrepresent the evidence of thousands of articles published in well-established and well-respected scientific journals, which show that global warming is happening and that it is caused by humans.

No matter how much contrarians try to cloak reality, the evidence is not going away. Widespread scientific consensus Scientists worldwide agree that global warming is happening, and that human activity causes it. Human influence on the climate system is clear, and recent anthropogenic emissions of green-house gases are the highest in history.

Scientific consensus on climate change. John Cook The scientific consensus is clear. Building on two previous studiesa landmark peer-reviewed study evaluated 10, scientists to confirm that over 97 percent climate scientists agree, and over 97 percent of scientific articles find that global warming is real and largely caused by humans.

A more recent peer-reviewed paper examined existing studies on consensus in climate research, and concluded that the 97 percent estimate is robust.

This level of consensus is equivalent to the level of agreement among scientists that smoking causes cancer — a statement that very few people, if any, contest today.

Yale Program on Climate Communication The American public also increasingly agrees that global warming is happening. A poll from Yale found that 70 percent of Americans believe global warming is happening, while record low number of Americans 12 percent say the opposite.

The acceptance of human-caused emissions as the cause of warming is not keeping pace with those that believe it is happening, but it is at 53 percent.

A discussion on global warming being the future number one killer of humans

There is no shortage of published research on the consensus of climate scientists and climate science when it comes to human-caused global warming. In addition to the references above, you can read about how the discussion on consensus developed over time in these studies.

Many different scientific societies in the United States and numerous national academies of science from around the world have also issued statements that verify the scientific claims about human-caused warming see below.

Therefore, when it comes to scientific consensus on global warming, it is important to clarify what type of uncertainty exists, and what type does not: For instance, on the issue of sea level rise, we know with certainty that it will happen — it is already happening — and projections under different scenarios give us a range of possible rise.

But if we significantly reduce emissions, the rise will be closer to the lower levels of projections. The same is true for how much warming will actually happen, or how much land-based ice and glaciers will melt. All these things are already happening, but future rates are not known because they, too, depend on the rate of future emissions.

This information is critical to making smart collective choices and for planning for the future. Uncertainties are not a reason to delay action on climate change. You can think about it like car insurance: Being prepared for these scenarios is simply smart planning.

Nobody wants to be caught unaware and unprepared. Consensus worldwide Many scientific societies and academies have released statements and studies that highlight the overwhelming consensus on climate change science.

Global Warming Effects on Health

American Association for the Advancement of Science: This conclusion is based on multiple independent lines of evidence and the vast body of peer-reviewed science.

It also will continue to degrade ecosystems and natural resources, affecting food and water availability and human health, further burdening economies and societies. Continued uncontrolled GHG emissions will accelerate and compound the effects and risks of climate change well into the future. These observations show large-scale increases in air and sea temperatures, sea level, and atmospheric water vapor; they document decreases in the extent of mountain glaciers, snow cover, permafrost, and Arctic sea ice.

These changes are broadly consistent with long-understood physics and predictions of how the climate system is expected to respond to human-caused increases in greenhouse gases. The changes are inconsistent with explanations of climate change that rely on known natural influences.

An Information Statement of the American Meteorological Society "It is clear from extensive scientific evidence that the dominant cause of the rapid change in climate of the past half century is human-induced increases in the amount of atmospheric greenhouse gases, including carbon dioxide CO2chlorofluorocarbons, methane, and nitrous oxide.

Although the magnitudes of future effects are uncertain, human influences on the climate are growing.May 05,  · Best Answer: well, global warming is a natural thing.

we can see that from the history of the earth. there have been ice ages moving to really hot temps. you probably know that carbon is a major factor of global warming. billions of years ago, the amount of carbon in the atmosphere was regulated naturally Status: Resolved.

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The best way to reduce global warming is, without any doubt, cutting down our anthropogenic emissions of greenhouse gases. But the world economy is addict .

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Christopher Bollyn is a well-travelled writer and an investigative journalist who has done extensive research into the events of September 11, , the conflict in Middle-East and the health effects caused by exposure to depleted uranium.

Global warming has various effects on humans. It is not only a threat to our future health, Global warming has already contributed to more than , deaths and five million illnesses every year.

An explanation of how we know that humans are the major cause of global warming. and being the warmest year on recorded history. we have a small window to avoid truly dangerous warming and provide future generations with a sustainable world. Effects of global warming on humans Jump to navigation Jump to of social, environmental and climatic factors, however, many argue that the “volatility of infectious disease may be one of the earliest biological the most obvious—and dramatic—being through the increased number and severity of weather-related disasters which destroy. Both Jennifer Marohasy and Graham Lloyd are both doing great work here. The Australian. Bureau of Meteorology ‘altering climate figures’ THE Bureau of Meteorology has been accused of manipulating historic temperature records to fit a predetermined view of global warming.

Global warming is not a separate entity, nor uis Climate change. Furthermore these are not well defined subjects, they are vague. However, they are just results of what is happening to our planet – Global .

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